Welcome to the re-launch of realcoders.org!

I’ve decided to try to get realcoders.org going again *before* finishing a re-write completely in Java/Spring/Etc (as I’m starting to think that with work, etc. it will take me way too long, given the amount of “free time” that I currently have (and have had for the past few years now…))


This is simply a “welcome” post, and there will be more to come shortly.  I am also going to be working on the visual appearance, as this is a fairly basic (on purpose) “template” that I opted to go with, as it’s fixed width, etc. and should be *great* for code snippets, et al.  However, if anyone comes across something that either doesn’t display correctly on/in your browser, or on your operating system, please feel free and drop me an email or post a comment, etc. so that I am aware of it and can hopefully take care of it as soon as possible.  I’ll do my best however to ensure cross-browser compatibility as well as supporting links(1)/lynx(1) as well if at all possible.


Again, go ahead and subscribe to the RSS feed(s), feel free to share links on Facebook, etc. all I ask is that you please bear with me while I’m getting things up and “running” a bit more along the lines of what realcoders.org is supposed to be and look like, etc.  This will mean quite a bit of customization, and I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish some of the tasks under WordPress as of yet, but, I will figure it out as I come across the issues and I’m sure I’ll knock out the code one way or another =]


Thanks for all of your support!  If anyone is interested in being either a regular or a one-time (or once in while) contributor, please drop me a line and we’ll talk about setting you up the appropriate account type, etc.


Thanks again!

Welcome to the re-launch of realcoders.org! was originally published on realcoders.org


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