Back2Basics: Do you know Scala Eta-Expansion and HOF Chemistry?

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I am working on Scala from last 2 years, and pretty confident about Scala concept like HOF, Currying and more. But Recently again looking into the HOF (Higher Order Functions) in Scala. I am pretty confident, HOF is “Passed a function as an argument”, “Assign functions to variables” and “Return functions from function” and the conclusion is Functions are First Class Citizen.

For me, these below statements are equal:-

First is, anonymous function or lambda expression and second is a function with the name. But we can pass these two function to any function which accepts the function as an argument with this signature Int => Int.

While I am trying to execute these two statements in scala REPL, but this time I noticed, the output of these two statements are different, which insist me to investigate why this behavior?

The first line of code initializes some lambda expression…

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