Creating GraphQl API with Sangria

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Sangria is a library that processes the graphQL queries coming to the server and pass on the object to business layer of the application, which mostly further queries database to get information which sangria passes on as response to the query. GraphQL is a query language for the servers with which only one route can be used to give response to any query, which are defined by our GraphQL schema, if you’re more interested in knowing about the GraphQL then you can go to, it’s really good documentation that explains GraphQL very well.

sangria-arch.png Sangria processes the GraphQL queries and sends back the asked data.

For the explanation, let’s assume our only route is /graphql. And we are going to receive our requests on that route. All the requests, either it’s to get some data, update, create or delete the data everything is send to server in POST data…

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