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Are you finding it difficult to understand lagompersistence? Don’t worry because help is right here.
In this blog, we will learn about lagom’spersistence with the help of a simple application and also discuss its theoretical aspects.
Before we begin, make sure you know about Event Sourcing and CQRS. You can read about it in details from thislink .

Choosing a database

When we create any microservice, or in general any service, one of the biggest task is to manage data persistence. Lagom supports various databases for doing this task. By default, Lagom uses Cassandra to persist data. Tables, required to store data, are saved in cassandra keyspaces.
So, For now, we will be using Cassandra for storing our data. Our service basically creates a user on request and store the correspondng details in the database.

To use Cassandra, you need to add the following in your…

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