“Feature Flags and LaunchDarkly”- what, why and how?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss:

  1. Feature-Flags.
  2. How to start working with Feature Flags.
  3. LaunchDarkly.
  4. Optimizing Feature-Flag full potential and power with LaunchDarkly.

So let’s start with an overview of what a feature flag is and its uses.

1). Feature-Flags.

(a) Introduction: Feature-Flags is a software development best practice of gating functionality. Functionality can be turned on/off via the feature flags, separate from deployment. Feature flags can help manage the entire life-cycle of a feature, where a feature is an increment in program functionality.

(b) Getting Started with Feature-Flags: Feature Flag gives a software organization the power to reduce risk, iterate quicker, and get more control allowing to move fast and not breaking things. Feature flags allow us to decouple feature roll-out from code deployment that gives an unprecedented control to us, of who sees what, when and independent of release. Allowing the control over a release unlocks the true…

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