Getting an insight of Blockchain

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Hi all,


In today’s blog, I will be getting you acquainted with the Blockchain, its definition, inception and everything you need to know as a novice developer or user. A many of us have lately been getting very familiar with the term Bitcoin and have started to visualise it correctly as a digital currency. So getting into a bit more detail, the technology behind it is blockchain. And please keep into consideration that Bitcoin and blockchain are not interchangeable terms. The term Bitcoin is used to denote three things first, the underlying blockchain technology, second, the protocol that runs over the blockchain technology and third, it denotes a digital currency. In this blog, I shall be specifically be talking about the technology blockchain. In the blog below, I shall briefly overgo the Blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 just to convince you of its exponential potential and categorization.



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