Getting started with “APIGEE-EDGE”

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Hi readers, in this blog I am going to discuss how to start using “Apigee-Edge”.

What is Apigee-Edge?

Apigee-Edge is an API management platform which can be hosted on the Cloud or on the premises of a company and that enables companies to secure, scale, manage, and analyze their digital business, and grow API programs to meet the increase in demand.

Why Apigee-Edge?

Any application can be created either using:

(i) Monolithic Architecture


(ii) Microservice Based Architecture.

In the microservice based architecture, some API platform has to be used to maintain the performance measurements of the microservices created, So that, we can track the request as well as the response coming through a microservice route URL and do analysis like how many calls are made to this route for a given time period.

This is where Apigee-Edge comes into action and serves as the API platform.

Apigee-Edge Architecture?

Apigee-Edge follows a…

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