How data is handled between Components in React (State vs Props)

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Prerequisites :

Basic understanding of React. Here’s a blog you can refer to :
Getting Started with React


Every component in react have a property called props associated to it. This lets you make a single component that is used in many different places in your app, with slightly different properties in each place.

If we write a react component in es5, it’s nothing but a function that takes props as parameters and returns JSX element.

A parent component can send some data to its child components via props.

But HOW?

We’ll find that out in a minute, but first there are two rules that we need to cover.

  1. RULE 1 : Props are read only
    That means, you cannot re-assign to the props.
  2. RULE 2 : Every component must be a pure function with respect to its props.
    A pure function is a function whose output is always…

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