Internal working on Writing and Reading in Cassandra

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Apache Cassandra is fast, distributed Database which is built for high availability and Linear Scalability with the Predictable Performance, No SPOF, Multi-DC & easy to manage. Cassandra does not follow the master-slave architecture. It uses Peer to Peer technology. Cassandra follows the features of  Availability and Partitioning from the CAP theorem.

We can provide the Replication Factor for the fault tolerance and we set it while creating the KeySpace. When we set the replication factor then data automatically replicated into each and every replica and it works asynchronously. If any node goes down, it saves the hins and in Cassandra, we say this Hinted Handoff then it replays all the writes when node come back and join the cluster.

Cassandra is really fast to read and write operations. We will discuss the working of Cassandra’s Write and Read.

Cassandra Write Operation

When we start the writing data into Cassandra…

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