Introduction to Mesos

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What is Mesos ?

In layman’s term, Imagine a busy airport.
Airplanes are constantly taking off and landing.
There are multiple runways, and an airport dispatcher is assigning time-slots to airplanes to land or takeoff.
So Mesos is the airport dispatcher, runways are compute nodes, airplanes are compute tasks, and frameworks like Hadoop, Spark and Google Kubernetes are airlines companies.

In technical terms, Apache Mesos is the first open source cluster manager that handles the workload efficiently in distributed environment through dynamic resource sharing and isolation. This means that you can run any distributed application i.e spark, hadoop etc., which requires clustered resources.

It sits between the application layer and the operating system and makes it easier to deploy and manage applications in large-scale clustered environments more efficiently.

Mesos allows multiple services to scale and utilise a shared pool of servers more efficiently. The key idea behind the Mesos is…

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