Lagom and Immutability

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What is Lagom?
Lagom is not in disguise anymore. Everyone who’s following on micro-service architecture knows about Lagom framework. Lagom is an open source framework built with the shifting from monoliths to micro-services-driven application architecture in mind. It abstracts the complexity of building, running and monitoring micro-services driven applications.
The Lagom framework includes Java and Scala APIs to simplify development of microservices. Lagom helps us to build micro-services as reactive systems so that the micro-services are resilient, elastic and scalable from within.

One important concept to follow when using Lagom is immutability. In Lagom, immutable objects are required in several places, such as:

  • Service request and response types
  • Persistent entity commands, events, and states
  • Publish and subscribe messages

What is Immutability?
Immutability is considered as one of the key concept of functional programming. Most of the functional languages like Scala, uses immutable object by default. An immutable…

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