Lagom: Consuming a service part-2

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So here’s the situation: We are using Lagom framework to develop our micro-services and we need to consume data from other services. What should we do?

Well, it’s not going to be a problem for us. Lagom provides very easy way to consume a service. The very first way to consume a service is to use the unmanagedServices parameter provided in Lagom plugin. To understand the use of unmanagedServices, please refer to the following link.

Now wait a second, In the above blog, we have created an interface for the unmanaged service that could be used to communicate with the service from which we are trying to consume data.
But if we are consuming a service that is already implemented in Lagom way, wouldn’t that be a boilerplate for us? Of Course it is. So what should we do now?
Here’s the solution from Lagom:
Prerequisite: The service…

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