Lambda Expression.

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As a Java developer, it becomes your need to study about the new concepts and APIs keeps popping in and learn them to apply it in your development and compete the world. One of the biggest changes in Java 8 is Lambda Expressions. Nowadays several JVM based Programming Languages like Groovy, Ruby and Scala etc. keeps talking about how much functional they are and how much concised code they write, just keeps praising about the features. And hence come the Java feature which helps making more functional Applications in Java and much more than that i.e. Lambda Expressions.

1. What is Lambda Expression?

Lambda is a new programming construct, which lets you write Java applications in a completely different paradigm from the traditional Obejct Oriented Programming. I will be giving a quick overview of what is Lambda? Why should we use it? How to use it? Lambdas under theā€¦

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