One-way & two-way streaming in a Lagom application

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Now a days streaming word is a buzz word and you should have heard many types of streaming till now i.e. kafka streaming, spark streaming etc etc. But in this blog we will see a new type of streaming i.e Lagom-streaming.

Lagom-streaming internally uses Akka streams, with the help of which we will see one way & two way streaming. But before going forward, it would be good we will get the difference between one way & two way streaming, so then lets get the difference first and then will move further.

One-way streaming: In this type of streaming, request will be normal but the response will be streamed.

Two-way streaming: In this type of streaming both request & response will be streamed.

Now as we have got the difference, I will not waste your time in theory part. Lets move ahead to see the implementation part in Lagom. We…

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