Scripting Library in Scala – Ammonite

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Ammonite is a Scala library that lets us use Scala language for Scripting. It allows us to write scripts in Scala. The advantage of using Ammonite is that we don’t have to switch over to Python or Bash for scripting requirements of the projects.This liberates the developer from the need of working in multiple languages.

Ammonite can be used in the REPL as scripts or as a library in existing projects or alternatively as a standalone system shell.

Ammonite REPL
It is an improved Scala REPL. It has more features than the standard REPL and is loaded with lots of ergonomic improvements like Pretty Printing, Syntax Highlighting etc and support configurability that is Configurations can be put in the file.

To Get Started with the Ammonite as a Scala shell: Download the standalone Ammonite 1.0.2 executable for Scala 2.12

 sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/amm && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/amm…

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