Simple Things You Can Learn From Cassandra Nodetool (Monitor/Manage) For DC/OS

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As we know, DC/OS gave us minimal packages of services for running on apache mesos like cassandra. Cassandra services only give us the functionality for storing data , not other things like native tools as `nodetool`, `cqlsh`, `cassandra-stress` and more. Today, we are looking into the way for using `nodetool`, for monitoring DC/OS cassandra services nodes or cluster.


Nodetool is a native command line interface for managing and monitoring cassandra cluster. While our cassandra services are running on DC/OS,  we can manage and monitor cluster using nodetool.  We need to execute nodetool on DC/OS using cassandra docker image on any of the DC/OS cassandra nodes by performing below steps:

  1. First, need to ssh any of  DC/OS cassandra node: ssh @
  2. Second, execute the docker command for download cassandra docker image and pass nodetool command for execution as below:
$ sudo docker run -t --net=host cassandra:3.0 nodetool tablestats -H .

Note: Sometime nodetool…

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