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Alan Turing’s Notes Found After Being Used As Insulation At Bletchley Park

In 2013, a restoration project for Hut 6 of Bletchley Park uncovered a collection of papers being used as roof insulation. The papers were frozen to preserve them while they were inspected and repaired. Now they’re on display at an exhibition showing items found during the restoration process. “The documents also included the only known examples of Banbury sheets, a technique devised by [Turing] to accelerate the process of decrypting Nazi messages. No other examples have ever been found. All the findings are unique as all documentary evidence from the code breaking process was supposed to be destroyed under wartime security rules.”

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Building the Infinite Digital Universe of No Man’s Sky

From Slashdot
  • An anonymous reader writes:`
    Hello Games is a small development studio, only employing 10 people. But
    they’re building a game, No Man’s Sky, that’s enormous — effectively infinite.
    Its universe is procedurally generated, from the star systems down to individual
    species of plant and animal life. The engine running the game is impressively
    optimized. A planet’s characteristics are not computed ahead of time — terrain
    and lifeforms are randomly generated on the fly as a player explores it. But, of
    course, that created a problem for the developers — how do they know their
    procedural generation algorithms don’t create ridiculous life forms or
    geological formations? They solved that by writing AI bot software that
    explores the universe and captures brief videos
    , which are then converted to GIF
    format and posted on a feed the developers can review. The article goes into a
    bit more detail on how the procedural generation works, and how such a small
    studio can build such a big game.

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